$CTRM So close to a solid play. Sentiment moved to neutral, but trust is still an issue here. LIMIT buy was @ $0.451. Missed this ride by .005! Hindsight is 20/20 and I regret not just buying the $0.46, but that's how it goes sometimes. Now lets see some confirmation. Remember, shorts have backing until filing is issued because Petros is still selling shares. On watch for potential consolidation phase if she doesn't resume the downtrend. Watch for filings (more offers, closure on the $0.65, etc)! Old starter canceled @ $0.451 and new entry staked @ $0.351. Point being, if this isn't the pivot then she's gonna break LOD. Shorts are priming for that move today IMO, but we'll see by end of week. If it does pivot and confirm, longs still got serious compliance hurdle. Grats to those that raked some profits today, nice bounce play.
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