$NVCR for the past 2 years during the bull run i often envisioned myself retrospectively placed in 08-09. I was in medical school at the time and the GFC had essentially 0 impact on me. I was financially ignorant until my final year of training when the gravity of having a truckload of student debt beared down on me. I bought my first stock in early 2018. $PYPL at $82. Subsequently I bought some huge duds and a winner, $NVCR. Ive been telling myself that I would easily keep investing on a routine basis during a recession as my income wouldn't be affected. Wrong! We've been hit just like everyone else. Not as hard as travel/leisure/hospitality, but a significant amount. So now the time is here. Do I keep adding to my best idea, $NVCR or just stand pat. The recent weakness in this stock hasnt exactly been reassuring for the long term thesis.