$INKW volume up, sentiment up, watchers up. We may even attract day traders tomorrow getting in early. I promise this tomorrow will have alot of volume. Everyone is watching how we got 70 million volume. The day traders see volatility they want in. Are they gonna choose to buy or sell short that's the questions. Us longs know the company itself is magnificent. We also know that the company has been 50% short volume for months.
@Neverworkagain you had me till you called the company magnificent. It's a company with a handful of employees that seems to sporadically bottle water. It's got a long ways to go before it and the word magnificent should be used together.
@jonsinfinity magnificent in the fact amazon growth, New deals net assets, low liability, pink sheets. Compared to other otc stocks we can actually explain what we do. And you can see and buy our product. It's pretty magnificent when a stock is up over 800 % this year. Join the longs.