$AGEN part 3 10) With regard to colon cancer response rates, we were told not to rule out rates in excess of 20%. However, this is based on a limited number of patients and could obviously change. 11) A lung cancer trial for 1181/bal could be conducted by Betta in China and the data would be accepted by the FDA (presidence for this) Accrual would be much faster. There is a major need for a higher response rates than currently being delivered with I-O/chemo or targeted therapy. 12) Kelly with Jefferies is the new analyst. Other analyst left. Seems to be enthusiastic. 13) New Calif facility: Rent starts mid 2022 as does production, primarily for 1181 initially although all molecules can be produced. (We are currently producing more batches of bal with the CRO). 14) Garo again reiterated the need for self sufficiency in production that is critical going forward for pricing and R&D efficiency, etc etc.