$GSAT Wherever Nokia $NOK is, Globalstar is there as well. Same for Qualcomm $QCOM & $XCOM .
$GSAT Verizon signs its first European Private 5G deal with Associated British Ports. ABP operates a network of 21 ports. verizon.com/about/news/veri... Delivered in partnership with Nokia, Verizon’s private 5G platform will provide one of the United Kingdom’s (UK’s) busiest ports with a secure, low-latency private network connection. “The Nokia private network will be deployed over Band 53 (Globalstar-licensed) and Band 48 (CBRS) to enable seamless switching between bands and cells, while also providing multiple layers of redundancy. “ Click announcement link: nokia.com/about-us/news/rel...
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@NewNewsToYou @gatorhide This particular deal has got nothing to do with GSAT. Nokia have just whored themselves out and are offering other companies (VERIZON) the same sort of set up that they were doing with GSAT. verizon.com/about/news/veri... Band 53 is not authorised for UK and Verizon have their own wide range of spectrum assets, why pay to use someone else's when you have access to your own. The positive for GSAT here is that it further demonstrates a usage case for private 5G networks, the big negative is that it can be done by someone else now and Nokia are willing to do it with them.
@Z12 @gatorhide I don’t believe we can take a negative away from this. n53 will have full blown global authority to go along with their already full blown coverage in the next 18 months. Below is how things were looking in 2017, we are on our way! $GSAT $NOK