$GSAT my friends, please understand you will be very disappointed in yourself when the announcement is made after hours regarding either a partnership or purchase. I am not saying this will happen today or tomorrow, however it will happen within the next seven months. What I know, is I will not miss that rocket ship. I bet the house and I am as cool as the other side of the pillow.
@Bcbull88 @GSATugh It is very hard for me to comment on price per share regarding market cap. I rode blink charging from 1.78 to 62, I believe at the time they had a market cap of 200 million. Obviously it went up with the increase but they still sit today at around 40 or 50 per share. I think Globalstar is worth $75 per share. With even double the amount of shares in the pond. $GSAT BULL I BELIEVE WHAT EVERYONE IS MISSING, IS THAT GLOBALSTAR HAS PHYSICS ON ITS SIDE. THIS SOOELY OWNED SPECTRUM IS LIKE NO OTHER BANDWIDTH IN EXISTENCE. THAT GOES ABOVE AND BEYOND ANY CHART, GRAPH OR % YOU CAN COME UP WITH.