$PHIL Anyone questioning my intentions on this board is real simple to figure out... - I only post on this board, so if I was a pumper or basher yea then I must really suck to only be doing it on one board only. - I have the same name on Ihub you can check that out to, which will also show I have been there for 2 1/2 years , So I guess that would make me not a flipper. - I have posted more DD than anyone here period! and I spend countless hours researching for myself and everyone here. Yea cause bashers and pumpers waste their time doing that! - I have even updated the board twice a week in advance that Henry will not have financials and that we will be getting a tweet because we communicate with Henry. This is not for the people that follow me. I know you guys appreciate everything People work hard for their money and to be a pumper and a basher... seriously burn in hell for trying to ruin peoples honest lives. Sorry but I don't pander to the naysayers , I will keep posting!!