@RobbingHoodz $SAFEMOON.X A) If you're going to mis-use a big word (deflationary), you should not use it in point #1... Google: Dictionary, then use it. B) When you flip flop, remember to switch your profile, so that those of us who remember you won't call you out. C) How's your $SOS family doing? If I remember, you shilled us, then them, then torched them, came back as a bull, now a bear again?
$SAFEMOON.X The people that support safemoon and bash on #Dogecoin blow my mind. If it wasn’t for the rise of Dogecoin, all these shitcoins wouldn’t have been created. These shitcoins attract people that want to become millionaires overnight and most of these shitcoins are scams🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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