@HighLimit Hi, I have been reading through your posts and am learning alot. I was wondering if you had a thought on $BUD? I am not looking for advise, rather your opinion on its current status. I was comparing its recent price drop to that of $MMM and $MU a while back. Think I checked out a few others as well. It appeared as though there was a similar length of time required after the drop and very low RSI before the stock would jump back to the mid way point between where it sat before the drop, and where it landed after the drop. $BUD seems to be taking a bit longer than I thought (~7 trading days). It is now at the 10 day mark but the MACD values look like it will jump tomorrow morning. Is my thought process way out of line? I did buy a 2 dollar call with a 83 dollar strike price. No biggie, but I probably should have extended it one more week. Thanks for reading my questions.
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