$UVXY $UVXY Loss of 140,000 Jobs lost vs. an anticipated 50, 000 gain, ADP reports payroll drops for the first time since April 2020, 4112 deaths in US - highest number ever, 280,292 covid cases, and a slow rollout in vaccination (which take 6 weeks for efficacy, depending on which one you take, best case 2 wks), S&P PE ratio is 38.33. US deficit is 27.7 trillion dollars. The U.S. monthly trade deficit increased by 8.0% to $68.1 billion in November 2020. This is the highest monthly level since August 2006 and a $5 billion increase over October 2020 WTF is wrong with this picture??? I don't wish for a crash, but the higher this goes, the harder it will fall. The FED should step in or the ponzi scheme will be detrimental to many and good for a select few. Dr. G
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