$ADMP Will have to reverse split 5:1, 50mil offering. Carlo will state usual 'out of our control'. Early 2021 FDA will accept Zimhi, but market crashes 60% and Carlo will lose 2 years to get partner. By 2023 another company will have higher dose under-tonque dissolvable dosage approved. 2024 FDA bans all opiod based painkillers in US. Back to 20 cents, 90% loss for newbies. Carlo will say 'out of our control'. Zimhi and Symjepi sales aren't great and in 2024 Novartis will cancel partnership. Carlo will state 'out of our control'. Another reverse split and offering. 99.99% loss for newbies. Late 2025 Carlo will announce CBD and Bitcoin based AI brain implant to stop overeating in horses who talk too much. Early 2026 Carlo will pass away with Alzheimer's and highly pronounced dementia with company worth 0.007c/sh. Newbies lose 99.9999%. Mark will be only person at his funeral as he's buried in solid gold casket overlooking the San Diego coast. The End.
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