$DVMT Just in case you didn't know! SPVNF (ASK @ 0.024) SEV.VN (ASK @ 0.03) ALIBABA & TENCENT made a white paper on this technology! They need it for their DATA Center! Here is the press release : ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/a... Also to consider before it pops! : Spectra7 Announces Closing of $5.5 Million Private Placement Partnership with big companies : Wandtec, Molex, Luxshare, Foxconn GaugeChanger™, extends the life of copper with interconnects that are as fast and as thin as fiber, but at dramatically lower cost and lower power consumption. Crazy tech! : spectra7.com/ Also: DreamWeVR™ New Virtual Reality ICs, Modules and Solutions for Next Generation 4K and 5K Headsets Long-reach cable from a mobile host device to a headset. Also new line of CHIPS : Incredibly Compact, Astonishingly Powerful Game Changing Analog S7 Chip technology. Link : spectra7.com/chips Conclusion : It's about to fly!! Now that you know, go make some more research! .h