$SBG popping higher. SBG merging with Owlet. (no page yet) $ITAC rumors that ITAC could be going with something Space related but I haven't seen anything concrete on it yet. Decent volume today, warrants up big. $PACE, $FGNA, opened new spac warrant positions in these, small positions. FGNA is a fintech play, and PACE is an online education app that's backed by Mark Zuckerbergs wife and her foundation, so lots of big money going to prop this up. I'm sure they'll ram this down peoples throats on Facebook using the worlds best advertising platform to push their product/service, seems like a no brainer. KSMT - (Still doesn't have a page), continuing to add warrants. This ones an intriguing mobile game developer. This is being priced based on the 1 highly rated mobile game title that they have launched already, yet they are releasing the sequel and 2 other games alongside it this year $PLTR - Starting to add some leaps on that sell off, being careful though could go lower.