$CFII Adding every time it slams into that trendline, selling every time it pops away with some additional calls. Grabbed about 40 more of the April 12.50 calls at 1.30 :D Absolute lunacy selling at those prices. Have you not seen the steady flow of positive news? The large multi million dollar blocks being bought over the past few weeks? The institutional holders adding more and more? If you did your homework then stuffing your face at these levels is easy and should be done with little anxiety.
@Riverboatking It's definitely possible, and I see the same thing. I don't give as much credence to technical stuff on SPAC's premerger since buyers seem to come out of left field for them. This was TDAC, gapped down out of a descending triangle and then on no news ripped higher and only finally yesterday did we get any news about the DA being announced next week.