After seeing these numbers you can see why it's said that JCP needs to shrink its store size. All these numbers were taken from 2018 annual reports that were released in 2019. In retail it's believed sometimes that you can do close to the amount of sales in less square footage. This would drastically cut the lease expense as its paid by the square foot. Finding someone to partner with to take this space....... that's another question. $JCP Macys 867 stores 24,971,000,000 sales 28,801,000/ store 145,328 sq ft average $198/ft Kohls 1159 stores 19,167,000,000 sales 16,537,532/store 70,750 sq ft average $233.74/ft Nordstrom 379 stores 15,480,000,000 sales 40,844,327/store 80,171 sq ft average $509.46/ft JCP 864 stores 11,664,000,000 sales 13,500,000/store 109,953 sq ft average $122 /ft Target 1844 stores 74,433,000,000 40,364,967/store 129,924 sq ft average $310 /ft
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