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    Ryan Sindelar Joined Oct 08, 2013

    Business Development Manager at NinjaTrader, Native Iowan and Colorado Snowboarder. Download the award winning NinjaTrader 7 for FREE at!


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      Dave Poxon
      i am a full time ALGO trader using an interactive algo approach. I am also the editor of the index Strategist, an algo system site for ETFs, Equities that uses Algo Trend Analysis from ALGO-TRENDS website
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      Day Trading Crude Oil
      Independent Futures Trader | Former Mechanical Engineer | Daily Crude Oil Futures Trade Levels and Analysis
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      Denise K. Shull Official Account
      Decision neuroscientist, performance coach working with pro traders/athletes and Founder/CEO The ReThink Group Inc.
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      cameron fous
      Ive made nearly $400k in just 2 years. My job is to teach you how i did it. Watch me trade live everyday and learn with me on FOUStv
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      Paulo Cruzo
      Professional Trader, I trade stocks and Forex for a Living. Mentored by the Greats at
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      Sean McLaughlin Official Account
      Former Head of Community Development @ StockTwits. Independent Trader. Former Chicago Board of Trade Member. Host of the Gimme Some Options podcast. Grinder.
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      Carl Weiss
      Standing on the shoulders of giants...albeit in the shade.
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      LaDucTrading Official Account
      Strategic technical analyst, educator, active trader. Mostly options. Forecast + Chase. Chart pattern + volatility focus. Reformed tech company entrepreneur. I post/retweet more on Twitter @SamanthaLaDuc SeeItMarket and MarketWatch Contributor
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      Dan Zanger Official Account
      World Record Holder Top Swing Trader - Turned $10,775 to over $18,000,000. All posts are done by my protege Randy Opper (CM) who is the moderator of my chat room
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      Jeffrey Renza
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      Raul Jimenez
      Applied iCinDER(tm)! Creator of iCinDER Technical Analysis Indicators! Market Analysis of markets. Dow, SP500, Gold, Oil, Euro futures, Market Timing.
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      ChrisVermeulen Official Account
      Founder and President Technical Traders Ltd. Premium Services. Author Get my book here Professional Stock and ETF trader
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      David Dube
      Professional trader for over twenty-five years and has held positions at Lehman Brothers and USB Investment Bank.
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      News Quantified LLC
      News Quantified ( is the first service to provide a primed, low-cost integration of real-time news and market data. Despite all the technological advances in information collection, news delivery hasn't changed since the 1990s.
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      Trader of shares and CFD's to London for five years, two years operating future, I feel it is my passion, my specialty is technical analysis. I operate with NT7, Sierra Chart and TOS.
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      Steve Ruffley
      Chief Market Strategist at Creator of the best way to chart and learn how to use technical analysis for trading success. Risk disclaimer
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      Rachel Hunter
      I'm a successful private forex trader who helps other traders to make it happen in forex. Giving the stuff that makes a difference to your trading.
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      Sun Tzu
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      LinkersX (tm) is an Event Driven Trading API/Trading Language/Proprietary Encrypted Object Oriented Database/Server... Written in c/C++ native... compatible with ALL of your trading platforms
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      Ralph Michele
      Trader of all asset classes & trading instructor. Has appeared on Tasty Trade, Lightspeed, Tradestation,World Money Show & Traders Expo.