$FEG-X Man, more people are promoting other coins than people are talking about FEG on here. Wake up, people! Spread the news about this coin, their exchange has the potential to change the crypto game for many new and old crypto investors.
@Nirbush I’m in Safemoon too. It’s been doing me wonders. I just think that this has the potential to make some people INSANE money. Not that I think we’ll hit PancakeSwap or UniSwap prices anytime soon, but if we can even get close there’s going to be a whole lot of millionaires walking around!
@TheLittleItalian @Nirbush I think patience is key, it sucks when 1 coin u have shoots up 100% abd u think crap should've kept more in that one. Honestly tho there is always dips time to add. I've added a few to Feg today, and waiting for safemoon to dip again and add some there again too. Fegs time will come
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