$LCID Hey bulls, how about instead of calling people trolls or idiot, you argue your facts. Tell me the revenue, tell me the cars delivered, admit what i say is either true or false with facts. Ill go first. 250k earnings, 80% surprise miss. 500 vehicles delivered in 2021. Now you go. Good luck kiddos🤡
@Nitrogreen @IrateIranian The justification of a 90b market cap based on the promises of sales or "expected" pre sales or COTY doesn't mean a company that currently has 4.8 cash on hand that is draining daily and currently delivered 500 cars this year should be priced with such a high multiple. Every stock on the market can not be worth this astronomical prices and stay sustainable, and no, not just your stock only can be allowed to do that.
@Zee_Dowg @Nitrogreen @IrateIranian I understand your position and reason to be skeptical... The truth is all of us lucid longs are here because we believe this could be the next TSLA. I began buying at $16 cciv. In 5 years it'll be between 300-500 a share in my opinion. That's why I continue to bet on lucid. Other than playing your "puts" why are you trying to convince us otherwise? Good luck out there