$ONE.X So before I went to bed I saw Sh*tcoin doing what it does best, which was reaching for the basement. As I was overcome with glee I put in some $ONE.X dip orders totaling about 280k coins. Just now was like waking up to no cookies, spilt milk, and an almost stolen Christmas tree shoved half way up the fireplace with the cat hanging on to it. Just enough to disrupt a bunch of coins, including ONE, but nothing of substance. A movement seriously needs to be started to wake people up. "International Bitcoin Detachment Day". Because the type of person that buys Bitcoin is NOTHING like the type of person that buys altcoins. I don't mean to be insulting but I've talked to and even trolled people over there. Largely? They're idiots. I don't mean that as an insult to anyone in particular. I only know who I've had exchanges with. I mean these people are a level of stupid that can only be explained by snacking on paint chips as children. We're following THEM???
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