$CSIQ I’d have to agree with a previous poster on here... the last few quarterly reports and execution from csiq have been outstanding...yet every conference call...Qu ”SANDBAGS” the shareholders... before this report today... 5 million shares were short.... they Knew that he would throw ice cold water on those great 3rd quarter numbers... Qu’s tactics to help the sorts and option traders... 1) earlier this year they gave no guidance for the year. 2) give cautious guidance in regards to 4th qtr 3) last year they deffered sales to later quarters ... In my opinion, Qu is planning a Coo. he tried once before... and it seems he’s trying again... q4 will see another decent qtr ... same for 2021 ...but Qu will always Sandbag the share price.... SEC should also investigate his and his family members trading positions in csiq
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