@mizzo453 @Noetic_NRG @mizzo453 @BullishOnAmerica @MrKing777 every dollar they take from Americans (via, dishwashers and room cleaners in motels) is what goes to corporate America. The goal here is not "oh well then I want to be part of corporate America" the goal is to end corporate America. That is how you make more money, that is how you end corporate slavery. Aspiring to be a slave driver yourself isn't an altruistic pursuit. If this is resolved, there will be more competition and businesses will have to compete for our labor. But the left is so inculcated into this slavery mindset disguised as activism that it's unlikely we'll ever escape this vicious cycle. Look at California, the poor are being further subjugated and taxed into poverty, gas costs twice as much as it does in Texas, yet everyone still votes for more of it. Why?