$INO B.COVID-19 (B.C.), Inovio CEO Joseph Kim said, call "Let me take us on a time machine to November 2020. By this time next year, we will have shown you, GBM overall survival data at 12 and 18 months for INO-5401, REVEAL 1 top-line efficacy data for our Phase 3 cervical dysplasia product VGX-3100, VGX-3100 Phase 2 results for both vulvar and anal dysplasia, and RRP study up and running via orphan designation, our Lassa vaccine will be in a Phase 1b trial in Africa and our MERS vaccine in Phase 2 studies in the Middle East, all with full funding from CEPI. Our China partner, ApolloBio will be in Phase 3 in China with VGX-3100. And we expect AstraZeneca to report on Phase 2 head and neck cancer efficacy results with MEDI0457 combined with their checkpoint inhibitor. What an incredible set of value drivers in one year.” We are approaching Nov. 2020; how well did he predict? Keep in mind all these value drivers remain IN ADDITION to INO-4800 for COVID-19.
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