$WWR Hell yea I blocked you.. You are beyond a fool bro, condescending as hell by starting your first post off to me this morning saying "sorry I didn't respond but I have a life outside of stocktwits lolol." You brought up Biden and the fact that he will end this China Trade War... Half of my debate was based off of that trade war we are currently in. So of course I'm going to defend my side of it. Especially since it pertains to this company, more than people realize. You responded like CNN and told me there is no proof. Here is your proof clown. **streamable.com/7wb7aj ** streamable.com/dbheil streamable.com/5zsaox streamable.com/mtt4qi streamable.com/pgoxcb streamable.com/3keea0 streamable.com/5au1za streamable.com/qa6f1g streamable.com/4zp5ur streamable.com/n1gcp6
$WWR classy guy right here @GNUS 👏 👏 blocked me because I just posted links that he said were wrong and then just insulted me and turned it into a political debate. Still waiting for him to actually argue against at least 1 of the 20 things I’ve posted. I wished him luck and gave him a non biased perspective. But instead he insulted continued insulting me. And blocked me. 🤷‍♂️ can’t argue with willful ignorance.
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