For the third quarter, judging from the plans announced by the three car companies, $NIO is obviously more aggressive. Specifically, NIO is expected to deliver 31,000-33,000 vehicles in the third quarter, and $XPEV is expected to deliver 29-31,000 vehicles, with revenue of 6.8-7.2 billion yuan. $LI is expected to deliver between 27,000 and 29,000 vehicles, with revenue ranging from 860 to 9.86 billion yuan. For NIO's radical prediction, I think the main reason is that NIO ES7 and NIO ET5 will be delivered, which will bring certain increments. In my opinion, although the sales volume of NIO is not as good as that of Li and XPeng, it continues to lead in terms of revenue, cash reserves, average price of EV and even R&D investment. The comprehensive ability of the enterprise is also well-deserved first. Finally, which car company are you bullish on? Please leave your thoughts in the comment.