$AMRN Dr. Reddy’s Labaratories is full of such clown shit. Verbatim from their latest complaint against Amarin: “Amarin’s hoarding of icosapent ethyl API supplies is contrary to industry practice, cannot be justified by any legitimate business reason, and can only be explained as part of an anticompetitive strategy to prevent and delay generic competition to its branded Vascepa. It is industry practice for a branded drug manufacturer to have only one to two API suppliers, even though more may be available, because it is costly to qualify and ensure quality control at the suppliers.” Since it is “industry practice” to have one or two API suppliers, which two do you have Dr. Reddy’s? Also, would a legitimate business reason like selling more Vazkepa in Europe, Canada, China, and other world markets, suffice for you Dr. Reddy’s? What clowns!! In the nature of free enterprise, only the fittest survive. While Dr. Reddy’s is an established generics giant, it will flop here.
@snicok read between the lines, if this is in Reddy 's answer to the complaint, in effect, Thero has been able to effectively limit generic competition! Doubt it, b/c this would require a strategy!