$MMAT My thoughts on this after a shit ton of mental wheel spinning today. If Shorty held TRCH stock from a broker, that broker is entitled to the MMAT stock PLUS the divvy. Now, say the MMTLP was never put onto the OTC and wasn’t trade-able, it would be worth $10 (I’m speculating $$) Shorty would owe the broker $10/share. We all get $10/share. That’s it. End of story. BUT……now that MMTLP shares ARE trade-able the potential for that price tag just went up. If everyone of us holds our MMTLP shares Shorty HAS to pay whatever we decide to sell them at, not the flat $10/share. I’ve always looked at the divvy as the cherry on top bc I think Meta is ridiculously exciting. Earlier I was annoyed that Shorty has the opportunity to cover in some capacity and face it 10$/share is life changing $ but reading everyone’s posts today I’ve concluded that if MMTLP wasn’t trade-able it couldn’t squeeze. And that may very well prove to be the biggest cherry of all. Agree? Disagree??