@ponderevo can always buy it back, just need that crystal-baLL Sold MIME at the open, now it don't want to come down.... but 44.55 the 200dma so we'll see if I go back, it was a good report, but that don't mean much vs. TweetinTrump - Any, was just a scalp off the low once I was certain they could hit that rev number - that's all I'm looking at now Checked ESTC, they lowballed, so a maybe - but cant get anyone on PHONE? That is really frustrating, half the people listed not even on directory, like the CEO Banon. Legal guy had my number, I did not leave msg and he calls a hour later but just see who answers and hangs up... ODD. Twitted the CEO and waiting to see what he says. I mean at least 100M this quarter where's that money coming from when no one is there, not even SALES. Checking, PING, DOGG, and HCAT next all report 12th
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