@ponderevo calc ER's now myself, take all the data from here; streetinsider.com/ec_earnin... don't even look at EPS anymore - just the top line Earnings number. So I calc % growth Q/Q and Y/Y and/or can estimate Q over Q like this one it's easy/obvious they seem to always be adding +20M each Q 240/260/280 is trend - BUT... must also compare to what the most recent PR is on the YR's forecast : " For the full year 2020, the company lifted its revenue outlook to the range of $1.062 billion to $1.065" so crap, divide by 4 and that's only 265 a quarter , and/or means Q4 will be only 285 NOT 280 + 20 or anywhere close to 300. that's an automatic fail. So...., when 240/260/280/ means 300 IS the number - I just took 300 x 4Q's and that's 1.2B or WHAT they NEED to be reporting as YR outlook - anything less is a FaiL.
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