@ponderevo OK, I know you did not ask for my 2cents, but I will ask for yours.... on TNA (02/25/2020 66.3100 SHORT) I chose that one started at 28 so sucks for me at 12, but started small and it's only that one I will put the dry powder into. For now, it's settling in....? But still seeing 20's 40's 50's on recovery in this 5yr chart (max chart shows 12 as base) what do YOU see?
@ponderevo noticed the "head fake" from when mentioned the "if not on this list...." stocks which all looked good going forward, still do, but will review after close today - this week is the OK MKT make up your mind week - and most any stock that is tied to CV moving all directions - and these frickin test kit co's coming out to Market like cockroaches at a pizza party /that aint a cure people, just a test. April GILD looking like it may have +news - saving cash for that move on just that stock. SNY ABBV have a good one but have to wait - those P1,2,3 trial FAILS, can cut a stock in half in less than a minute. going to be a interesting day - Quad witch also active to 8pm final close. We'll see........

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