$VHC LOL ONLY ones that "made out" and the only ones "it all paid off" for Kendall and Kathy and rest of idiot family suckling on the Patent TROLL teet, all this time selling-OUT shareholders to live a LUX Jet-set lifestyle. READ the SEC FILINGS 10 years of PATENT TROLL litigation cost SHAREHOLDERS 225 million. 454 Million paid by Apple only gets that debt off the books, Leidos 25% cut and payout and kickbacks to anyone stupid enough to "soft hold" KL No need to sugarcoat it, Filings to SEC all show THEY PAID THEMSELVES. the White Paper promised 125.00-150.00 a share "SUM OF PARTS" by time 4G hit the market. PPS is 7 and PPS DONT LIE. FAKE Shareholders YOU know the morons testifying all good things at each and every FAIL, especially now, about how they ALL bought at 3 bucks and made a TON;