$AMRN On my back of the envelope calculations, based upon public information, I estimate that up to 2/3 of the EVAPORATE study population have been tested at the 9-months and 18-months stages. The remaining 1/3 at just the 9-months stage. Fact: On Nov 17, 2017, the Evaporate study was 50% enrolled. The study started in Sept 2016. So between Sept 2016 and Nov 2017 they were 50% enrolled, and the final 50% must have been from Nov 2017 to Nov 2018. Add 18 months to the last enrolled patient, and you’re at April 2020. if placebo shows no plaque regression, and active arm shows a good result, this may be grounds to stop the trial and put all the patients on Vascepa. Canadian approval at end of Nov 19. NEJM, JACC, ADA, AHA, NLA, EAS, ESC, & ICER all recognized R-IT result. IMO huge catalyst coming on 18 Nov at AHA late breaker. This may have huge implications on how heart disease is treated.
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