$AMD Could Intel's fabs be it's biggest liability? This is from last November english.cw.com.tw/article/a... From the article: A longtime Silicon Valley entrepreneur involved in IC design who is familiar with Intel has told CommonWealth Magazine for the past few years that it was “wishful thinking” for TSMC to take on the American semiconductor giant. But he now admits to TSMC’s ascendance. “The battle is over. TSMC has taken over the semiconductor industry,” he says. The industry veteran came to that realization after Intel was forced to farm out some of its lower level chipsets to TSMC because of the huge shortfall in its own 14nm production. The word was that when new Intel CEO Robert Swan heard TSMC’s quote, the former chief financial officer could not believe how low it was. “That shows that [this order] will not be going back,” the Silicon Valley entrepreneur says.