$SNDL Whoever bought $1 calls for this week with the intention of assigning it ITM: I think you’re out of luck unless we hit a solid company PR. Maybe the market will prove me wrong on that. It looks like we’re starting to trade like a healthy ticker, and I wouldn’t count on any insane runs. The stock is under $0.70 right now: You can afford the shares. I respect trading options for the cheap leverage, but if you’re truly bullish, I feel it’s generally better to buy the shares. It helps bolster the bottom end as the stock rises and keeps it strong along the way. Plus, you can always sell covered calls and collect premium while protecting your own bottom line. Because you know the price will eventually get past the strike, and because the powers that be know they can string you along until they have to let it run, they’ll sell you the same contracts over and over again while your account shrinks. Holding the shares, your fate isn’t tied to the whims of the market makers. GL 🎩
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