$OCGN Surprised no one's taken the time to recall the details from the PR on warrant restructuring with respect to today's 8K. Registration statement was made 20Nov19 and repricing completed at $1/share for Series B warrants. Now there is a leak-out provision to limit sales til Jan 27th on $1/share conversions. ir.ocugen.com/news-releases... (excerpt below) sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data... (image) "The Series B Warrants were amended such that they will not be exercisable until the completion of a ten trading day period following the effectiveness of the registration statement covering the resale of the Warrant Shares. The period during which the Maximum Eligibility Number is being determined will also be pushed out for ten trading days. Finally, the Investors agreed to a leak-out provision that limits the number of shares that can be traded until January 27, 2020, which corresponds to the end of the period during which the Maximum Eligibility Number in the Series B Warrants is calculated."
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