$HTZ dont be the person who said “i shoulda bought at $2.50 when this shit hits $10. What makes this company worth $10 per share? Thesis: The conclusion that it’s CERTAIN common shareholders will lose all their $ is false. 1. They have over 10 months to be saved 2. Treatments and vaccines for Covid-19 are coming very soon 3. The economy will bounce back extremely hard 4. You best believe that if Trump gets a second term that he’s going to give an historical loan to save an Iconic American company such as HTZ 5. Secured a $1.65 Billion dollar loan set to be confirmed on the 29th of October. Conclusion: All of this signifies hope in a stock that was once $54. Many companies are billions of dollars in debt but are still projected to be successful. With this $1.65 B loan and a potential bailout from the Government people will swing trade this. We had 1.1 billion shares traded on Friday. Juicedup🔋