$CLF Thanks @putih and @studta88for posting the Cramer interview from last night. Funny after I watched it CLF was down to $22.79 - how could you resist not picking up shares? Added 2K. Totally agree with @Wags241 "wow" on several statements from LG. Prediction for Q3 and Q4 "record over record." Vertically integrated means they have really zero problems on supply chain for them. Temporary reduced demand for auto steel is no problem other industries "firing on all cylinders." And workforce has largely been vaccinated. Today's dip into the 22s was a gift pure and simple. And just looking at HRC prices today - already rebounding from the last few days of taking a breather. Sure some of of the months are mixed but we are not seeing larger reductions like we have last 3 days. Finally, WTL is back with his doomsday predictions which is a fairly reliable indicator to do the opposite and buy!