$SPY Jokes on the idiots that think anyone with $$ cares about you or your tiny $$ kid world drama. We buy because we can buy this every week longer than you can stay short. We buy because unlike the middle class jobless trolls we have unlimited cash to buy the market.
$SPY just curious are people really buying at this level knowing its about to fall off the cliff? I mean its clear as day...
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@LeWatcher if you are not a bagholder in life you are a broke ass loser on the internet asking "Who is buying" I will always buy because 99% of $$ like your $$ is easy to run over, you have been crushed by the market so that is why you cry like a little $$ bitch asking who is buying. I can beat here or in life.....its easy $$ world, I can spot the broke ass noob, the tiny $$ minion the middle class moron that couldn't make millions in real business life. I will make you my little bitch just for fun because I can beat you 24/7 BLIND!!