$SPY remember this high drama, low math bitch session in May??? Market up 10%......Who is the autistic idiot again??
$SPY Again the autistic bulls on this board cannot understand what the effects of the Trump presser actually means.... Everyone predicted Tariffs or action against China, no one predicted the removal of Hong Kong autonomy and trade status to be removed. Trump has effectively shown he and in turn “America” is all bark and no bite. We are so screwed because of this action and even so with the WHO. We gained absolutely nothing from this... But now and for the foreseeable future allow communist and tyrannical countries to now effectively run Unabated and without intervention. We will fall from a economic and political stand point globally and if our allies aren’t scared for supporting them in time of need in the future, they will now! Korea, Russia, China, Iran and all the rest of the countries will now freely operate unchecked.
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