@OldFngGuy @LiquidRoss @Chartist420 @Lionger @Percules Exactly.. what are these people so excited about letting a *completely novel virus* rip through the herd ? Here's the real thing.. They were afraid of looking like pussies wearing masks.. They are afraid of looking like *ShhEeep*. Its all stupid ego with them. Meanwhile, Asia will now eat our lunch, having already learned lessons from SARS
@AlienJazzCat @LiquidRoss @Chartist420 @Lionger @Percules Im on the side that COVID is real and it can be dangerous so I use masks, I manage my life but.... Im very active because I live in an active world. 100% open world. My kids are in schools, they have a COVID case report every day and if anyone is in contact they are sent home for 14 days. All this management doesn't stop it obviously considering Florida has a high case count. The case count can be misleading, 3 positives, 1 negative test for most Athletes is a fact in our world. They continuously get tested until the are negative. Now, all those tests are counted and its just one person. Management matters and the risk is real but Im 100% against shutdowns. It makes no sense to replace one problem with another when we could just have common sense in life.