$FB $TWTR this stupid fngoldguy admitted to taking away hundreds of thousands of jobs w ai and pushes for free healthcare and says America is systemically racism but doesnt know the meaning.. he also says farmers r worthless. These r the types of globalist aholes who want to control u like ants. Keeepppp sellingggg!!!
$FB $TWTR I love that rednecks who can't rub 2 nickels together think that somehow their tiny $$ world being removed actually matters more than a micro second in time. Your world of ignorance didn't contribute $$ in the first place so your angry rants will be forgotten. No on travels or spends $$ in your rural world PERIOD so who really cares what you do. Besides, the best content is liberal based and EVERYONE will STILL go to the liberal FUN WORLD OF $$ The cool GOOD LOOKING kids are still posting silly pictures. The BEST Athletes still playing and winning (Another thing you can't do) Wealth is still posting travel pictures from around the world (ONLY LIBERALS DO THAT) LIFE GOES ON like it always has but without the noisy ignorance...that SMELL was always bad!! The best part is that the IGNORANCE is gone, the noise is gone... We are at PEACE without your 24/7 Hating.
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