$UVXY man the ignorance level is at an all time high....source is zerohedge??? The owner of zerohedge is on record stating that he sells clicks NOT FACTS....MORE LIES!!!
$UVXY "except for only 1929, 2000, and 2007, every other major market crash occurred with valuations at levels LOWER than they are currently. Secondly, all market crashes, which resulted from the preceding bubble, have been the result of things unrelated to valuation levels. Those catalysts have ranged from liquidity issues to government actions, monetary policy mistakes, recessions, or inflationary spikes. Those events were the catalyst, or trigger, that started the “reversion in sentiment” by investors. There are currently two “pins” that could pop the current market bubble...The Inflation Pin...the Fed is now trapped...The Interest Rate Pin... It's a no-win situation for the Fed." zerohedge.com/markets/two-p...
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