$OTLK @Britbox1 I'll be the first to say that OTLK SHOULD be trading way higher than the current price; the trial results have massively derisked the Outlook story... That January spike however, was helped a lot by the bullishness in the XBI (overlay the two charts) and it was smarter to do that financing in January post tax loss season instead of right at the start of it this time. I'm not bashing, I'm just basing this on the pattern I've seen in other bios recently... to your point though, $ADMA is up 40% from their offering price now... if there is further weakness here, it will be a ST thing, not a LT thing. I openly admit that I'm waiting to buy, so for me, the lower the better for my cost base. I have no intention of trying to spread FUD to get the price lower though - dealing with that on the $AUPH board right now and it sickens me.