$CBL On Sep 09, 2020, 10% Owner, Director and Chairman of The Board, Charles B Lebovitz, executed a sale of 1,061,831 shares in CBL & Associates Properties (CBL) for $186,368. Lebovitz has control over 17,275,416 shares of the company of which 1,030,915 shares are controlled directly and 16,244,501 shares indirectly after the transactions designated in the SEC Form 4 filing. These holdings have an approximate market value of $3.24 million as of the prior-day closing price. Over the last 90 days, previous to the date of this filing, there have been 5 transactions reported to the SEC, all of which have been sales and have resulted in the disposition of 1,036,255 company shares by insiders. In the preceding 90-day window of time, there were 5 transactions from 4 insiders that resulted in the net disposition of 321,240 shares.
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