$SPG I have tried several times to create a new overlay using the current, smaller timeframe price action, but it is not lining up with the large-scale charts anymore, as I anticipated there had to come a point where it had to in order to reverse direction; the overlay that I posted 6/25 which links up the recent price-action with May 13 is lining up perfectly now; that overlay predicted that the price would skyrocket up to and beyond $67 with effectively zero hesitation, and that is exactly what happened today... once it took off there was no stopping it; a 1-2 dollar resting period was all it had before zooming up breaking 72 in the post-market. With that, I expect a brief dip to $67, followed by a few bounces 72-75, followed by one last visit to 67 with a minor stall, next leg up to 82, then the most intense price surge that SPG has seen this year. If you have puts or shorts, I'd cut them loose when it dips back to 67, or they'll just be a drag on profits