$IFMK won't be getting delisted IMO. Here's why: 1. The listing gives them access to U.S. sized liquidity. That's money outside the reach of the PRC. 2. A NASDAQ listing means prestige for iFRESH officials back home. That means favorable treatment from banks, suppliers, govt s. 3. In China, success in business is largely based on networking (way more than in the US or Europe). 4. Receiving a de listing notice from NASDAQ would be seen as a huge embarrassment for the company (and it's officials). 5. Not only would their US stock price collapse, but any businesses in China would take a major beating too. iFRESH will do WHATEVER to keep their listing active .Don't worry... It won't be for our benefit (shareholders). It'll be for their very own survival. My question is, HOW are they planning to to get back in compliance? An offering, reverse split, etc.?
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