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    Ophir Gottlieb Official Account Joined Mar 15, 2010

    CEO @CapitalMarketLabs. @MarketWatch @YahooFinance @CNNMoney Contributor. Ex NYSE ARCA and CBOE Option Market Maker. MS Stanford Financial Mathematics. Machine Learning / Measure Theory / Tech Head / Love Dogs


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      Selerity Official Account
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      Idea guy, avid learner and comic book fan! I invest in great people, big ideas and impactful technology - in that order. "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." Eleanor Roosevelt
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      Just living the dream... working a day job to support investing habit
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      warren Buffett
      I am not warren Buffett, but I smarter than Buffett,if you want to buy some stocks, Follow me,and I give you some suggestions ------------------------------------------- CEO of derliga investment company David.H
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      Dave Pinke Official Account
      Former Director of Product @ StockTwits. Dont pick a fight with someone who buys whatever the TV equivalent of ink is by whatever the TV equivalent of barrels are.
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      Venky Srinivasan
      Technical trader focusing on Swing and Momentum Trades. Opinions or trades here at Stocktwits or in my blog are my own. No affiliation to any organization. Disclaimer: No recommendations/ideas. Trade at your own discretion.
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      Ryan Detrick Official Account
      Focus on sentiment and quantified data. All opinions are my own and should not be treated as recommendations. Retweet doesn't equal endorsement.
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      Lois Howard
      Hello there everybody. My name is Lois.I'm a Web/UI/UX creator situated in Brooklyn, NYC yet I'm generally prepared for business excursions of any sort. I cherish typography, frameworks, connection and clean and basic outline arrangeme
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      Ramona Diaz
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      Adam Singer Official Account
      Analytics geek and investor / trader. All information for fun / I am not a financial adviser.
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      Live Squawk Official Account
      Audio news service for traders, brokers and other professionals who need up-to-the-second market news. Covers all asset classes.
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      Dave Kelly Official Account
      Trader, reformed fundamental investor, prone to write about stocks. EV=Expected Value. Managing risk and measuring absolute returns. My swing trades are usually 2-10 days.
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      HindSight Capital LLC
      Surf and ride the trade winds - memento mori
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      Carol E
      Nothing I post should be taken as investment advice. This is just fiction. Don't take ANYTHING I say seriously. Entertainment only. do your own DD -Cheers
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      Anne-Marie Baiynd Official Account
      Fire breathing trader, and trading coach. Find the highest probability trading events by learning to filter signal from noise
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      Edward Rooster Official Account
      Trading Price Is Straightforward
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      Stefan Cheplick Official Account
      @StockTwits forever. My investment style is a mix of fundamental and technical analysis. I have two accounts: long-term holds and swing trades. 5+ years of watching and writing about markets... Yet still learning.
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      Stan Bokov Official Account
      Interactive online charts with free real-time data. Embed charts into any blog or forum and they update themselves. Share insight, comment and follow others.