$SOS don't be lime this guy a dumb ass, as you can see he said I am new to the stock market lol this guy is either smoking weed or he is just a pure dumb ass. Did you even look into my profile? my acct has been created back in 2018, while you on the other hand Member since April 22nd 2021.. LOL go back to your mama's basement maybe you will learn something hahaha 😂 go eat your own shit
@OptionGeek101 first off no retail pump is gonna happen sorry to burst your spirits, secondly I know you’re new to this stock market game, but stocks don’t just pump up 30+% unless a pr or Er from the company drops or it dumps right after. You are no real bull just someone who ended up bagholding sos because you came in to late and now your patience is running out. What happen a month ago when you were telling everyone this isn’t a pump and dump stock huh? Oh that’s right you’re an emotional impatient retail trader who joined the market after the pandemic. Sorry for trying to be helpful to this community obviously knowledge doesn’t go far for you imbeciles on here. If you haven’t noticed the last two “retail pumps” made the stock go right back down because the short will always get their money back but anyways that’s enough from me, enjoy you “pump” tmr 🤣
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