$SPY everyone can help fight Coronavirus by going long on Oranges 🍊 ($BTC.X), avoiding meaningless real life interactions with strangers/humans. Subscribing to Amazon Prime for supplies to live while simultaneously scooping some $AMZN ‘s to pay for those supplies. Can’t go wrong with scooping $MSFT in case you cannot afford just about anything $NVDA sells to consumers (definitively long $NVDA because I’m not poor) & if you haven’t already.. scoop some $NFLX & Chill. P.S - Cut back on eating so much ass. 🍑 This Market is softer than double quilted Charming Wipes for spreading FUD on a flu like virus 🦠 which has killed far less than the 20,000 & counting Americans that have already died this flu season. Seasons change. Spring is coming ☀️ 🌺 🌸.
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