$SRNE this is the most important post of the day. #srne time frame 11/13 receive offer immediately file a confidential treatment with sec they have 14 days according to sec rule 1934 to inform 12/23 to inform a rejection 11/22 issue s3 shell offering convert debt to equity to increase share outstanding. Analysis: buy out negotiation in process. What are insider average? Press release working with bp for partnership exceeding offering of 1 billion cash. This is not for investor. This is for the acquirers and the world to know. Hey we are about to get a chunk of cash and no way In hell we will accept your low ball offer Next: you didn’t tell me about the partnership put another 1 billion plus into the offer. Jpm has price target 21 plus. That is actually the buy out price. 20 plus Hold. Too much upside. This is a home run.
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