$ALEC CEO of Alector, Arnon Rosenthal, was the founder of Rinat Neuroscience Corporation in 2001, which was acquired by Pfizer in 2006. Also the inventor and developer of pain medicine Tanezumab, the migraine medicine Fremanezumab, the Alzheimer's drug Ponezumab and the basal cell carcinoma medicine Vismodegib. And the founder and Ex-CEO of $ANNX This guy has plenty of experience in the field. He is a renowned scientist and has shown good business administration. I doubt he would be one to just let three lead executives go if they were of any value. The track record of the new CFO also looks incredible. I see good future prospects for this company. Not to mention the incredible pipeline, 1Billion in cash, and 3 large partnership deals with ABBV, GSK, and IVBXF. They've had nothing but good results, and are expecting three new clinical pipeline additions within the next year. They have 12 projects in pre-clinical development, and billions in milestone payments to look forward to.